♛ Procrastinates on everything--

recently arisa released the first cover song for her utau Tsune go check it out!

so congrats on your first cover release wwww\o/

00:36 ▪ April 28 ▪ 7 %


just trying out something so draw some of GDA characters sakura mochi and fruit parfait

Drew new dessert, as I want a frozen dessert, Lime Sorbet~~ \o/

a little info:

- Lives together with dumpling oni-tan

- the victim of crossdressing by him

- his hair clip is a present from dumpling oni-tan is actually a tracker

aaaaaah thank you for drawing my bby mochi zuli///////7/////

00:50 ▪ February 26 ▪ 14 %

doodle doodle~

18:12 ▪ February 25 ▪ 21 %

doodle for today

01:08 ▪ February 24 ▪ 46 %

drew these 2 in the outfit design by Arisa because its so cute//////7/////

02:52 ▪ February 23 ▪ 9 %


It’s NyanNyanNyan Day! (22/2) /o/ I don’t know what to draw so draw this two awkward pairing after they reunited wwwwwww It mean to be simple but idk how did it turned out like this orz;;; Listening to Marginal4’s masquerade causing me to draw them like this! hajvdghasvdhga

Raspberry Chocolate Sundae-kun belong to parfaitea

Texture from pixiv


02:43 ▪ February 23 ▪ 4 %

Made a new dessert to match Arisa’s fruit parfait chan

heres raspberry chocolate sundae-kun!

he’s actually an old oc redesigned because originally they were lovers so since arisa redesigned her’s as a dessert I made him too wwww

his design is really rough and I’ll probably change it a bit;;

04:43 ▪ February 21 ▪ 21 %

I am totally studying right now

01:47 ▪ February 19 ▪ 8 %

another dessert design wwwww

I’m taking a break from studying;;

last papers for my finals are on thursday asdkaksldj—

some info on him because I really like him ahaha;;

green tea roll cake-kun

-14-15 years old(?)

-thinks frozen desserts are the coolest thing ever because you know they’re frozen dessert so they’re cool by default wwwww

-lives in the bakery across the street from sakura mochi's mochi house/place so they meet each other from time to time

00:54 ▪ February 19 ▪ 42 %

cus I had no internet connection for the past few days

I made another dessert design ahaha—//hit

23:07 ▪ February 12 ▪ 27 %
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